Eligibility for a school place

Often, because our admission number is 75 children per year, we can accommodate all of the children who would like to come to Malin Bridge. Where the Admissions Authority receives more applications than there are places at a school, however, it has a criteria for prioritising the applications to determine which applicants will be eligible for a school place.  These are known as ‘over-subscription criteria’.

Please note, attending Malin Bridge Nursery does not automatically entitle you to a place at Malin Bridge Primary School. Places are awarded by the Primary School Admissions department of Sheffield City Council.



Malin Bridge Primary School follows Sheffield Local Authority’s admissions process, information about which is available at

Applications for a Reception School Place 

Parents and carers can apply online for a reception (FS2) place at Malin Bridge Primary School in December or January. Based on previous years, parents and carers will be notified about the outcome of applications in the following April. The contact information for Pupil Admissions, who can be called if  parents and carers do not wish to apply online as well as for general enquiries, is below.

Primary School Admissions (Reception to Y6)

Telephone – 0114 273 5766 / Fax – 0114 273 4155
Write/Visit – Pupil Admissions, 3rd Floor, Howden House, Union Street, Sheffield, S1 2SH – (opening times – Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm / Friday 9am to 4:45pm)


Over-subscription Criteria

The following over-subscription criteria confirm the priorities for admission to Sheffield Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools. The following criteria are consulted upon every year and are approved by the Elected Members of the City Council. Firstly, any child that has a statement of SEN that names a specific school must be offered a place there.  There are further over-subscription criteria outlining the remaining priorities for admission to Sheffield Community Schools overleaf.

  1. Looked After Children

Pupils in public care (Looked After) who (A) are looked after at the time an application for a school is made or (B) will be looked after at the time when the child is admitted to school. The City Council has a statutory duty to prioritise admission for children in public care.

  1. Catchment Area & Sibling

Children who live in the catchment area at the latest date for receiving applications and who apply for a place will be considered next.  Catchment area children who have siblings attending the preferred school or linked junior school will be prioritised above other catchment applicants.

  1. Catchment Area

Children living in the catchment area for the preferred school that do not have a sibling attending will be considered next.

Catchment areas can be checked at

  1. Brothers or Sisters

A sibling is defined as a child who permanently or usually lives at the same address as:

– a brother and/or sister

– a stepbrother and/or stepsister (to include half-brothers/sisters)

In both cases, they will attend the preferred school at the point of entry. In addition where the requested school is an infant school, the attendance of an older sibling at the linked junior school will be included.

  1. Other Applications

Any child who does not fit into one of the above categories will be considered next. Places will be allocated up to the published indicated admission number.

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