Attendance & Punctuality



Please see the table below for the whole school attendance data by term and for the academic year 2017/18:



Being on time is really important to your child; every morning the class teacher explains what is going to happen during that day so even if your child misses just a few minutes they may miss some very important information. Additionally, every class in school has either Maths or English first session each day and if your child is late they could miss the beginning of the lesson where the teacher explains what they need to do and gives the key learning points for the rest of the session.


Getting into the habit of being punctual at school is a good life lesson. Good timekeeping is a requirement for most employers and is usually listed as a requirement for employees so by ensuring your child learns to be on time you are not only helping them make the most of school but also helping them with their future job prospects.

Below is an example timetable of a typical school week which shows how much we fit in to each day!




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