Attendance & Punctuality


Compulsory Start and Finish Times at Malin Bridge Primary School

These timings equate to around 32 1/2 hours per week in school, not counting any before or after school childcare provision.

(Breakfast Club: 07:30-class start time, After School Club: School Finish time – 16:30 or 17:45. These must be pre-booked via the Parentmail App.)






Please be aware that due to the pandemic, attendance figures are being reported from 1st September 2019 to 13th March 2020. There were also a number of school closures (for children other than those of Key Workers) during 2020/21.



Malin Bridge Primary wants all children to get the best start to their education and developing great behaviours for later life.  Being punctual is one of those behaviours. Being punctual allows children to make a good and settled start to the day, so they can engage in and enjoy their learning.  If a child is brought late into school:

  • they miss the positive welcome of their teacher and friends
  • they miss out on the teacher’s instructions at the beginning of the lesson
  • they may feel panicked, awkward and embarrassed when everyone else is settled
  • they may interrupt other children’s learning whilst the teacher takes time away from other pupils to explain what is going on in the lesson

This late and unsettled start can impact on the whole of the rest of the day.

We meet every half term with Mr Edwardes, the school’s Education Welfare Officer, to discuss pupils who are being brought to school late on a regular basis.  We will be instigating a new Punctuality procedure in school this year of which you can find more details of in the school’s Attendance Policy.

We understand that it can be very stressful getting children to school in a morning and we want to support those parent/carers who are finding it particularly difficult in bringing their children to school on time.  Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us in school or contact Mr Edwardes, on 07885972039 if you need any support or advice.

Please see the information below about the ‘Sleep Needs’ of children and young people, and the example timetable of a typical school week, which shows how much we fit into each day!




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