wow writes

Every half-term the pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at Malin Bridge Primary partake in a WOW Write. A week before the timed-write is done a letter is sent home describing what the child’s task will be so that children can prepare for it with the help of their parents/carers. Children are asked to include some ambitious vocabulary in their writing and an example of the WOW Write is given in the letter. After the children have completed their WOW Writes, they are photocopied and sent home for parents/carers to read. We also publish a selection here!


Y1 WOW Write – Sophia


Y2 WOW Write – Susie


Y3 WOW Write – Jemiah


Y4 WOW Write – Annie-Rose


Y5 WOW Write – Monica


Y6 WOW Write – Lucy



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