Key Worker Support

I am honoured that we have been asked to support key workers who will be leading our fight against Coronavirus. We are busy working out the details of how we will be able to ensure school is open as much as possible to the children who have a parent/carer that has been identified as a key worker.

It is important to recognise that school has been closed to slow the spread of the virus by increasing social distancing and it is imperative that all parents only use the childcare that school can provide if they need it because they have no other options. For example, if one parent is not identified as a key worker, the responsibility would fall on them to look after their child, even if they have another job.

To be considered a key worker you must be able to provide evidence that you are currently employed:

by the NHS
in the Armed Forces
by a School
by a Supermarket Chain as a Food Delivery Driver
in a Care Home
as a Social Worker
as a Police Officer
as a Probation Officer
as a Firefighter
as a Highways Agency Traffic Officer

If you are unsure about whether your role is a Key Worker or not, please talk to us. The final list may differ from the provisional one above and we will share the information as soon as we receive it.

We will send out more information about times and days when more guidance has been provided and we have reviewed your responses to the online form. Please aim to complete this form by 9.30am on Friday 20th March to allow us to plan the childcare provision: Key Worker Childcare Request

For more information, please read the latest letter regarding the Coronavirus outbreak: (19.03.20) Corona Virus – Urgent

Warmest regards,
Robbie McGrath

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