The information shown here has been extracted from our prospectus. A full version of our Prospectus 2017/18 is also available to download below.

MBPS Prospectus 2017/18


School Organisation

Malin Bridge is a Community Primary School.  The Infant and Junior Schools amalgamated in September 1992.  We are now a ‘through school’ with over five hundred pupils, aged from 4 to 11 years, accommodated in two buildings: The Leslie Building (previously the Junior School) and the Scarborough Building (previously the Infant School).

There are currently eighteen classes in the school. The Scarborough Building houses the eight classes from Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, while the Leslie Building houses the ten classes from Key Stage 2. Each class at Malin Bridge Primary School is known by its class teacher’s name. These classes are organised into the four phases below.


The statutory yearly admission number is 75. The school aims to keep the number of children in each class below 30 although this is not always possible.

Our School Day

Every day, pupils are taught Maths and English in the morning. Phonics lessons are taught in the morning and last for 20 minutes, the amount of phonics lessons a pupil has depends on their year group (e.g. in Foundation Stage children have phonics daily whereas in Year 3 they have phonics twice a week). SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar) is also taught in the morning. Science, Modern Foreign Languages, PE and Topic are taught in the afternoons; Art, Design Technology and Music, History, Geography and RE are taught within Topic lessons. Please see below for an example timetable of a school week.



Absence from School

Punctuality and Attendance

It is vital that children are in school and learning as much as they possibly can be. There are, of course, times when children need to be absent from school and we will always work closely with families to help as much as we can when this is the case.

We raise the profile of the importance of having the best possible attendance, and celebrate  children’s achievements, by having different attendance awards, for individuals, classes and year groups. We also work closely with Dale Edwardes, who is the Education Welfare Officer for the Forge Valley Family of Schools. Dale works closely with our Learning Mentors to support families and can be contacted at Forge Valley Community School on 0114 234 8805.

Absence and Illness

Please remember to inform school before 9.00am or as soon as possible if your child is absent. Parents and carers can leave a message on the answer phone before office hours. If we are not aware that a child is absent, but they are not in school, the school office will contact you to ensure that your child is safe. If you know that your child will be absent for more than one day, please inform us during that first contact call. If you need to take your child out of school during the day, for example to a medical appointment, absence passes should be collected from the school office. Children do become ill at school occasionally.  Please ensure that the contact information we have in school is up to date and please inform the office if your details change.

Pregnant women may be at risk if they have been in close contact with children suffering from Chicken Pox, Rubella (German Measles) or Slapped Cheek Syndrome. We advise you to seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity if you feel that your child may have any of these conditions and inform the school office if your child is diagnosed with any of the above illnesses.

Medicines in School

Please note that school can only administer medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber and are as originally dispensed (e.g. in their original container which shows the dosage and patient information). If your child needs antibiotics, it is often possible to organise the doses so that they can be taken before and after school (e.g. in three doses or less each day). If the prescribed doses require one to be taken in the school day, contact the school office to complete a parental agreement form. When medication is required for eight days or more, the school will draw up a Health Care Plan with parents/carers, who will need to complete a parental agreement form.

Term Time Holidays

We strongly recommend that parents do not take children out of school in term time as this can have an impact on their progress and achievement. We reviewed our policy regarding term time leave during the 2013/14 school year, in the light of changes made by the Government to the legal measures relating to school attendance. Malin Bridge Primary School has, along with our Family of Schools, adopted the policy produced by Sheffield City Council in response to new guidance from the Department for Education.

If you wish to request term time leave you should complete the request form, which is available below and via the school office. Term time leave can, however, only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Any requests for leave will be assessed on an individual basis, considering both the impact of missing school on the child’s education and any special circumstances we are made aware of by parents and carers.

Under the new regulations taking unauthorised term time leave may make parents or carers liable for a Penalty Notice (fine). We decided to implement this change, and begin to routinely apply fines as expected by the new regulations, from September 2014. It was our hope that this enabled families to take full account of the changes when planning future holidays and other leave. If you are unsure about how this policy will apply to you, then we would encourage you to speak to us about it before making any plans or bookings.

Request for Exceptional Term Time Leave

Lunchtime Provision


Lunchtime takes place between 12:00 and 1:00pm. Our younger children, from Foundation Stage and KS1 (Y1 and Y2), eat in the Infant Hall and the Y2 classrooms. The older children, from KS2 (Y3-Y6), eat in the Junior Hall and the three classrooms downstairs, which are adjacent to the hall. We changed to this approach for the Summer term of 2014, having previously had all children eating in the Junior Hall in two sittings. This was in preparation for the change to universal free school meals for Infant children from September 2014.

School Meals

Children have the option to have a school lunch. They are good  value and nutritious, with a choice of a hot dinner option or a school plated sandwich. There is always a vegetarian alternative and weekly menus are displayed around school, downloadable from the school website and sent home periodically by the catering company. We operate a ‘pre-ordering system’; the children tell their teacher their meal choice at registration time and are given their coloured wristband when they line up for lunch to remind them about their choice. The payment for school meals should be made in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on. It is very helpful to the school office if you are able to do this in advance on Mondays. There is also the option to pay for a half or full term.  At present the cost of a school lunch is £1.98 per day and cheques are payable to ‘Sheffield City Council’.

Free School Meals

All children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (Y1 and Y2) are entitled to a free school meal. Children in Key Stage 2 (Y3 to Y6) are entitled to Free School meals if parents are claiming Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based). Parents of children who are in receipt of Child Tax Credit, and whose annual income (as assessed by Inland Revenue) does not exceed £16,190, will be  entitled to free school meals. For more information you can speak to the school office who can process the application on your behalf, or contact Free School Meals, Children and Young Peoples Service, First Point,  Howden House, 1 Union Street,  Sheffield, S1 2SH (telephone (0114) 2735705 or 2736401). We would encourage parents and carers to claim and use Free School Meals, which can save  families approximately £380 per child per year, and also benefit the school, which receives ‘pupil premium’ funding for each eligible child. We would also encourage parents and carers of Infant children, who receive the universal free school meals, to apply so that school receives the appropriate Pupil Premium funding and the free meals are in place when the child moves into the Juniors.

The Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to schools in order to support looked after children and children who are entitled to free school meals, either now or in the previous six years. The funding is intended to accelerate progress and raise attainment in English and Maths, narrowing the gap between these vulnerable pupils and their peers. We use pupil premium in a variety of ways to provide additional staffing, experiences and resourcing to our school. By broadening the opportunities for our socially disadvantaged pupils, we aim to give them experiences that other children take for granted. More information regarding Pupil Premium can be found on the school website.

Home lunches

If your child goes home at lunchtime they should return via the school office, who will direct them whether to go directly to class or join their class lining up on the playground.

Packed lunches

Children have the option to bring a packed lunch. If your child has a packed lunch they will need a named lunch box and, as there is a shortage of space, it is helpful if these are not carried in large bags. Please do not send your child with a fizzy drink. To support children’s understanding of healthy eating we will promote ‘Healthy Lunch boxes’ in a variety of ways throughout the school year.


 Complaints Procedure

if anything goes wrong

Contacting School 

We try very hard to provide as many opportunities as possible for children, parents and carers to let us know how we are doing and how we could improve. Whether you come into school to talk to us, either by making an appointment or coming along to a parent forum event, or contact us by letter, phone or email we will always seek to resolve any issue. Ultimately we know that whenever something goes wrong it has the potential to impact negatively on the progress of  children.

Complaints Procedure

The complaints procedure is intended to meet the requirements imposed on schools by the Education Reform Act in relation to:

Provision of a broad and balanced curriculum
Religious Education and collective worship
Implementation of the National Curriculum
Exceptions or withdrawals from the National Curriculum, or parts of it
The operation of charging policy
The provision of information


If a complainant, after the full machinery for resolving complaints locally has been exhausted, is still dissatisfied with the Local Authority pronouncement of the complaint, it is possible to complain further to the Secretary of State.

Other information

School Site

Please be aware that the school site is secure between 9am and 3:15pm. During these times please enter school via the main pedestrian entrance on Dykes Lane and enter school via the school office. Please also note that, in line with the Sheffield City Council’s policy, smoking is not allowed in the school or on the school grounds and, for the children’s safety and for health and hygiene reasons, we do not allow dogs on the school site or permit dogs to be tied to the school railings.

If you are coming to school by car, please also consider children’s safety and the school’s neighbours when you are parking.  The Road Crossing Wardens have great difficulty conducting the children safely if there are parked cars obscuring their view and older children, who may walk home independently, are put at risk if illegally parked cars obscure their view when crossing roads.

Milk & Snacks

School milk is available to all children. The Education Authority sets the cost of this milk each term. Whenever possible, milk should be ordered and paid for by the deadline at the end of the previous term. Cheques are    payable to ‘Sheffield City Council’. Reception children are entitled to free milk until their fifth birthday and children who are entitled to Free School Meals are also entitled to free milk.

Children may bring a small healthy snack to eat at morning break. Fruit is ideal for this snack and children are not allowed to have sweets or chewing gum in school at any time. There is a ‘Fruit Cart’ which is available at playtimes. Children can purchase a portion of fruit, with a variety of choices available daily, for 15p. Infant children (e.g. year groups up to and including Y2) receive a portion of free fruit daily.

Mobile Phones

Children are allowed to bring mobile phones to school if their parents and carers wish them to have a phone that can be used on the journey to or from school. Once children are on the school site they should not use their phone or any games or cameras that are available as part of the device. Phones should be handed in to class teachers, who will store them during the school day and return them at the end of school. If children do not hand in their phone it may be confiscated and only returned to an adult after a conversation with a member of staff.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The school will always make every effort to remain open during bad weather and will be open for all pupils if we are open at all (e.g. no partial closure).  We are very conscious that it is important for schools to open so that parents and carers, some of whom will hold critical posts within the city, are able to get to work.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, usually snow, please listen to Radio Hallam and Radio Sheffield for updates on school closures, look out for text alerts from Parent Mail (the school office can sign parents and carers up to this free service) and check our school website. We endeavour, whenever possible, to make decisions about school closure as early as possible to prevent un-necessary journeys and enable parents and carers to make suitable arrangements.

If the adverse weather conditions develop during the school day we should stress that we are unable to allow children to leave with other parents and carers without permission.


There are a number of ways to keep in touch with everything that is happening at Malin Bridge. Our website contains a wealth of up to date information, including a communication section with letters that have been sent home, a latest news page and the opportunity to access fortnightly bulletins. The bulletins, which are always published on a Friday, are an excellent source of information and contain articles from all parts of our school and wider community. There are also a variety of different opportunities to communicate face to face, with parent forums and events being held regularly throughout the school year.

The most important communications however, are the regular dialogues that occur between school staff and the school community on a daily basis. We would always encourage parents and carers to keep in touch using whichever method is most effective and convenient. Close partnerships between school and home do have a positive impact on children’s development and progress.

School Houses

Children at Malin Bridge Primary join one of the four school houses. Each house includes children from every year group and class and children are in the same house as their brothers and sisters. Each house has a different colour (red/blue/green/orange) and name: Mars, Neptune, Earth and Jupiter. Children are able to score points for their house for all kinds of things, (good behaviour, taking part in special activities and events, on sports day, etc.) and the houses receive special rewards at different times in the year according to their points total. The school website has a ‘School Houses’ page, which contains up to date information.



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