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The School Council gives pupils a voice in the development of Malin Bridge Primary School. Pupils are elected annually and the School Council has two representatives, one boy and one girl, from each class from Y1 upwards. School Council meetings and Class Meetings are held every two weeks.

We believe that the School Council encourages pupils to understand and value the ideals of British Values, democracy and citizenship. Our School Council makes links with other schools both in the UK and abroad (through the British Council) and focuses on a wide range of issues including the environment, lunchtime routines and the curriculum.

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The Malin Bridge Primary Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister

On Thursday 7th May 2015, pupils, school staff and parents came to the Malin Bridge Polling Station to vote for their chosen candidate in the Malin Bridge Primary Election. During the weeks preceding election day, the candidates campaigned hard to get their messages heard by talking to the voters and putting posters up throughout school. The votes were counted and it was announced that out of our four candidates (Jon, Laylah, Jack and Kya) Jon would be the new Prime Minister of Malin Bridge Primary. Laylah was named Deputy Prime Minister. Since their roles began, Jon and Laylah have worked closely with our leadership team and the School Council to represent the views of their fellow pupils and are enjoying a great term in office.

You can find the full coverage of the election campaign in Fortnightly Bulletins 83 & 84:




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